The Nature Connection Handbook

A Guide for Increasing People's Connection with Nature

This handbook has been produced by the Nature Connectedness Research Group at the University of Derby. It is designed to be used by a wide range of organisations and individuals who have an interest in helping people grow closer to nature and offers an accessible summary of nature connection research and application, a framework and guidance for helping people improve their connection with nature, and examples of activities and initiatives that support and develop nature connection.

The need to transform the human-nature relationship has never been more important. People who feel closer to nature are happier and more satisfied with life and are more likely to take actions that help wildlife and the environment. This handbook will support those who are showing people new ways of relating to nature, prompting the kind of sensory and emotional engagement that leads to fundamental shifts in nature connectedness and mutual benefits for humans and nature.

Although this research and the related resources are based in the United Kingdom, the findings and suggested activities are very applicable in Aotearoa.

The Department of Conservation has used this research to inform the development of a range of education resources related to nature connection, such as 50 things to do in nature, and other resources for learning in nature.

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