Podcast: Ko Papa Ko Rangi

Podcast: Ko Papa Ko Rangi
Ko Papa Ko Rangi: Ahi Kaa

What does it take to keep the home fires burning in Aotearoa, and why is the term “land back” synonymous with climate action? Find out with Nadine Hura and Ruia Aperahama, in a series brought to you by Te Kōmata o Te Tonga | Deep South National Science Challenge.

Each episode explores a different story, covering concepts and questions including:

  • What’s the connection between colonisation and climate change, and how does the story of climate adaptation change when indigenous people are telling it?
  • How do we clean up the mess of colonisation and poor land-use decisions?
  • How can those who’ve kept the home fires burning transition to a new (ancient) way of life that benefits both land and people?
  • Ahi kaa isn’t just about going along and planting some trees. You’ve got to be able to defend that place right through to the end of your life.
  • The dreams of ancestors are becoming reality, as the changing climate forces us to reclaim the past in order to thrive in the future.

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