Kāpiti Ākonga Championing Change

Kāpiti ākonga take their passion for te taiao to local leadership

This article appears in the October 2022 Education Gazette (Volume 101, number 13) and highlights the inspiring story of Year 7 student Aneke, who is 2022's Fred Hollows NZ Junior Ambassador for her impassioned speech to the local council about the region’s environmental footprint.

Deputy Principal Rachel McMullen discusses how the school nurtures ākonga to develop the confidence and passion to pursue local issues and actions.

“We find that if students are enabled to be agentic learners, to have choice and voice, to approach the adults with something they are passionate about, then their learning is deeper. It’s an authentic way of learning, and a reason for learning something, as opposed to being told top-down, ‘we think this is important’." - Rachel McMullen

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Main Image credit: Education Gazette. Year 7 student Aneke and her peers speak to the Kāpiti Coast District Council about the region’s environmental footprint.