Climate Transition: Guidance for Boards of Trustees

Climate Transition: Guidance for Boards of Trustees
Responsibilities, expectations, and learning: What do Boards of Trustees need to know about climate transitions?

Rachel Bolstad from the NZ Council for Educational Research (NZCER) has published this blog post and gathered useful resources in a Padlet to support school Boards.

Here is a summary from Rachel:

Recently we ran workshops on climate transitions for Boards of Trustees at the 2023 NZSTA conference. We invited people to brainstorm all their questions - and they had many! For example:

“What policies will Boards need to develop on climate?"
“Will schools have to report on emissions like corporates do?”
"Will climate transitions be as big as health & safety in the future?"
“How to keep kids positive and not fearful of the challenges ahead?”.

It was a fantastic discussion with many more questions and some emerging answers. Read more on our latest blog post.

Resources for school climate leadership and governance:

We compiled a padlet of useful resources and links to support climate-conscious conversations in school Boards, and their communities. It includes:

  • short research briefs
  • links to some key areas of the Ministry of Education's climate response work
  • resources on climate governance
  • resources on youth leadership and participation

Find out more about NZCER's climate change research here, where you can also sign up to receive email updates.

Main Image credit: NZCER, Rachel Bolstad speaking at 2023 NZSTA conference

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