Climate Change: What Can Schools Do?

Educating for a Changing Climate: What are the options?

There are many ways schools and the education system can support action on climate change and the transition to a low-carbon future.

This research briefing is part of a range of documents produced by NZCER to provide updates on their ongoing Climate Change research, addressing questions about what changes or adaptations our education system may need to make in the immediate and short-to-medium term future, in response to climate change.

Key areas covered in this two-page document include:
  • Build knowledge about climate change
  • Look at school operations
  • Know your place
  • Focus on positive action
  • Design climate-conscious curriculum
  • Empower young people
  • Engage your Board of Trustees and community
  • Strengthen local partnerships
  • Be visible
  • Keys for success

Click on the link provided above to read more and download the document.

You may also like to read this article written by Rachel Bolstad for NZ Principal Magazine, "Education and Climate change - what can schools do?" March 2020, volume 35, number 1, pp. 24-28.