Celebrating the Southern Seasons

Celebrating the Southern Seasons
This pioneering book has now become a classic. It brings together Māori, European and Christian traditions, and suggests ways for celebrating the seasonal festivals in Aotearoa, so that all traditions are honoured and included.

Since the book’s first publication, Matariki, the New Year celebration at Winter Solstice, has undergone a massive resurgence – and other seasonal festivities are springing up all over the country.  In the tenth anniversary edition of this unique work, author Juliet Batten sheds more light on customs, symbols and meanings attached to seasonal changes. She reports not only on forms of celebration that New Zealanders have inherited and found but also on those we have devised and adapted.

In each chapter, Juliet suggests readings, myths and stories to enrich our high days and holidays, strengthening the book’s role as a valuable resource.

‘Awesome is Batten’s research in the examination of both European and Pacific origins. . . . with artistry, style, research and eloquence [she] reminds us that we live in our particular environment, [and] can be enriched by being part of it.’ Maire Drager, Daily Telegraph

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We also recommend Juliet's recent book "Sun, Moon and Stars - Seasonal celebrations for children and families, tamariki and whānau"

‘This book is delicious, generous, and fizzing with life. It presents a clear and inviting way of helping children and adults to connect with the earth, the cycle of the changing seasons and one another.’ Sue Matthew, coach

To learn more about Juliet's background and passion for ritual making, along with her views on how Tangata Tiriti can connect with this place respectfully, you can watch this short episode from the documentary series: Beyond White Guilt - Connecting to Aotearoa