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Out of the world's 37 billion tonnes of man made CO2 release 5 billion tonnes of CO2 is emitted from the manufacture of pulp paper.

Rockstock is the registered trade-name of a ground-breaking high quality, coated paper with outstanding environmental values that prints extremely well using standard inks (no special inks are required.)

It can be used in most situations where conventional and synthetic paper is used and offers exceptional printing, water proofing and tear resistant qualities. Rockstock claims to be the world's most environmentally friendly paper.

It is manufactured from ground down waste stone and offcuts used in the building industry.  It contains no wood fibre. Rockstock has a very low carbon emission. It uses significantly less energy to produce than wood fibre paper. It generates no effluent in its manufacture(water borne, airborne or solid)

It requires no water, acid, base or bleach during production. Any trimmings or waste paper from production can be recycled to make new paper. It is both recyclable and photo-degradable (It is not bio-degradable as it does not attract insects or organisms to consume it and nor do we use additives to attract such organisms.)

When it fully degrades only calcium carbonate remains as the resin oxidises into  the atmosphere. (1.4ppm of Nitrous Oxide and 65ppm of CO)

Recent research has concluded there are  no halogens present.2 main product ranges 1. S-Class (Sustainable Range) 2. R-Class (recycled range).Sometimes confused with synthetic paper, Rockstock is neither synthetic nor pulp or fibre based and is termed "Rich Mineral Paper".

Rockstock has qualities of both  pulp and synthetic papers, but more importantly it is much more environmentally friendly than either of the two. The printing qualities and exclusive feel make Rockstock a paper product not seen the likes of previously. Due to its absorbency attributes, it has superior handling and printing qualities. It is also water, mist, grease, anti-moth and insect proof*, freezer grade .Certain products can be heat sealed.

Being foodgrade,  Rockstock STN thermoforming boards are suitable for thermoforming food trays, containers and other packing items. (400-700micron. Rockstock RPDcan be used for "in-mould" labels with great printed results. Rockstock has unusual physical strength and high fold durability. In addition of up to 81% ground-up mineral waste  (CaC03), Rockstock contains a small amount of a non toxic modified HDPE resin. During manufacture the HDPE long chains are drawn out and broken allowing complete degrading to take place if photo-degraded or burnt. Available in weights ranging from 20 microns  through 700microns in a wide variety of product options.

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