Kim Tabrum
Te Upoko o te Ika a Māui | Wellington Region
Education Level
Early Learning
Years 1 - 3
Years 4 - 6
Years 7 - 8
Years 9 - 10
Years 11 - 13
Rangi | Climate, Air, Sky
Moumou Kore | Living Waste-Free
Pūngao Tauwhiro, Waka, Whare | Sustainable Energy, Transport and Buildings
Hauora | Nature Connection
Te Ao Māori

Sustainability Trust

When it comes to healthy homes, helping people reduce their impact on the environment and giving back to the community, we've got all the bases covered.

We're passionate about using education to empower others to make sustainable change. Through our Your Sustainable School National 'Train the Trainer' programme, we offer free 1-day workshops to help teachers and educators roll out sustainability-focused, climate action, waste reduction systems at their kura/school or kōhanga/early childhood centre.

We've designed the workshops with the school curriculum in mind, making it easier to embed it into what schools already do. We will hold these workshops across Aotearoa.

Check out our website to find out more about us, our programmes, and how we could help you.

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