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Hauora | Nature Connection
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Whenua | Land, Soil
Waimāori | Freshwater, Wetlands
Ngahere | Plants, Fungi
Te Ao Māori

Kids Greening Taupo

Kids Greening Taupō engages tamariki and their whanau in authentic restoration projects. We also provide free online resources.

We work with teachers at schools/ECE centres in Taupō, helping them to connect tamariki with nature, and to plan and carry out student led restoration and conservation projects.

We also have extra curricular student leadership teams. Every term, with our partners from the Taupō Environmental Education Collaborative (EEC), we host at least one teacher professional development workshop for local teachers. We also hold a range of fun events for families and schools/ECE centres to be involved with.

Check out our calendar to see what is coming up this year!

We aim to educate our community about New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis and what they can do to help. We support tamariki to take action for the environment through planting native plants, weeding, and carrying out predator control.

We have a huge range of free online resources at

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