Sarah Williams
Education Level
Years 1 - 3
Years 4 - 6
Years 7 - 8
Years 9 - 10
Years 11 - 13
Kaitiakitanga | Taking Action
Hauora | Nature Connection
Rangi | Climate, Air, Sky
Whenua | Land, Soil
Waimāori | Freshwater, Wetlands
Moana | Marine, Coast
Ngā Kararehe | Animals
Ngahere | Plants, Fungi
Te Ao Māori

Horizons Regional Council

Our Environmental Education provision aims to:

Excite our young people by helping them to explore and connect with their local environments

Empower our young people to take action to create healthy ecosystems.

What We Offer

Whether you are wanting your students to explore their environment, would like support in developing your curriculum, or as a teacher you want to upskill on environmental topics, we can help. Much of our education provision is bespoke. Sessions are tailored according to your specific focus, and age of your students. We are also the regional coordinators of the Enviroschools programme which is supported by all city and district councils in our region.

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