Anita Croft
Education Level
Early Learning
Māra | Gardens, Farms, Green spaces
Te Ao Māori

Growing Kiwi Gardeners

My vision is that all young children will know how to grow their own food and I believe this should begin in the early years.

I offer a range of options to support early childhood kaiako to engage the tamariki they teach in gardening and gardening related experiences. 

The Gardening with Tamariki Hands On Programme

Based in Christchurch, this is a facilitated programme where I go into the centre on a fortnightly basis and work with ngā tamariki on gardening and garden related experiences.

The Gardening with Tamariki Online Programme

This is a service throughout Aotearoa. It runs for one year and is designed to support centre kaiako who are find it difficult to garden regularly or are unsure how to engage tamariki in gardening and need ideas and support.

Professional Learning and Development (PLD)

PLD offered is predominantly via webinar for kaiako throughout Aotearoa. There are seasonal gardening webinars plus some additional topics.

There are also whole-centre PLD options that can be tailored to suit the centre needs. This is offered via zoom or face-to-face if in Christchurch.

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