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Te Tuna Tāone /Urban Eel action learning programme teaches young people about the life in urban streams through the taonga species- the longfin eel/tuna. The overall goal is for tamariki to take their action to improve our urban waterways so the longfin tuna may first survive and then thrive.

Te Tuna Tāone /Urban Eel action learning programme

Vision: Healthy urban waterways so the longfin tuna thrives

Christchurch Envirohub Trust has funding from the Environment Canterbury and Christchurch City Council to deliver the Te Tuna Tāone programme in Christchurch until December 2023. This programme has run since 2018 and was developed by Working Waters Trust and Enviroschools Canterbury using their kaupapa of the action learning cycle.

Te Tuna Tāone /Urban Eel Program - comes in four stages:

  1. an introductory talk/kōrero about tuna and the awa, why they are threatened, and what we can do about it
  2. a Tuna Awa day by the stream/awa. Where young people get to see and assess macroinvertebrates, habitat and hopefully see tuna and other fish in their local stream
  3. the longest component an action design unit where young people get to design actions (with our support – think environmental coach) to help our tuna and awa, and finally
  4. reflect on those actions and celebrate.It is facilitated across the calendar year beginning in Term 1 and run over 3-4 terms.

You can see what the 2022 and 2023 Te Tuna Tāone kura have been up to:

  • Facebook @tetunataone
  • Instagram @tetunataone

For what Te Tuna Tāone has achieved prior to 2021 please visit the Working Waters Trust facebook page @workingwaterstrust.

If you have any questions, please do contact me the Te Tuna Tāone facilitator, Jenny Bond on 021367455

Ngā mihi mahana