Nick Bithell
Education Level
Years 1 - 3
Years 4 - 6
Years 7 - 8
Hauora | Nature Connection
Kaitiakitanga | Taking Action
Moana | Marine, Coast
Māra | Gardens, Farms, Green spaces
Ngā Kararehe | Animals
Ngahere | Plants, Fungi
Rangi | Climate, Air, Sky
Moumou Kore | Living Waste-Free
Pūngao Tauwhiro, Waka, Whare | Sustainable Energy, Transport and Buildings
Whenua | Land, Soil
Waimāori | Freshwater, Wetlands
Te Ao Māori

Blend Learning

We support schools through strategic planning, hands-on workshops, in class modelling and co-teaching to create successful pedagogical change.

We are a part of the natural world, not apart from it, and connecting our young people with their natural world is a key step towards a more promising future for us all.

Blend Learning are able to support the blending of digital technologies, histories, science or STEM into meaningful and authentic local curriculum contexts, where students think deeply. Using local environmental and natural world contexts can enable guardianship and action as well as promoting links to mātauranga Māori.

Blend is a member of the Ministry of Education PLD Provider Panel. Contact us for your PLD needs and support with your application for MOE Regionally Allocated PLD.

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