Zero Waste Living Tips

Zero Waste Living Tips
Zero waste living tips: 10 tips to help you with Zero Waste living and changing the system

By Hannah Blumhardt from The Rubbish Trip - guest writer for Greenpeace Aotearoa. Click on the link provided above to go straight to the article.

"I believe that walking the talk and calling for systems change are two sides of the same ‘eco living’ coin. You can pick one side or the other, but embracing both is powerful and I think we should talk about them together when we give ‘tips’ for zero waste living."

Hannah expands on these ideas in her useful and honest article (note the use of language if using this with young people!).

"Producing waste and pollution is entrenched in our economy because our systems of production and consumption weren’t designed with zero waste or circular economy principles in mind.  To make matters worse, there’s money tied up in running things this way, and certain industries would lose profits (at least temporarily) if less wasteful systems were encouraged. So you can imagine the forces acting to maintain the status quo.

None of this demotivates me from continuing zero waste living. But, it certainly DOES motivate me to think bigger and see advocacy as part of my zero waste lifestyle."