Waste Warriors

Waste Warriors
Waste Warriors - form better habits around waste.

This award scheme was created by Olivia (age 13) from Porirua; Ella (age 15) from Lower Hutt; and Charlotte (age 12) from Wellington City, with support from Kiwi Conservation Club.

We love this example of student-led action and encourage kaiako to explore the website and share this great resource with ākonga.

Click on the link provided above to visit their website and download the printable Waste Warriors Booklet and Certificate. You will also find examples of actions and an 'Extra for Experts' section.

About the Project

Our Waste Warriors Award Scheme is a way for kids to form better habits around waste, and to be recognised positively for their efforts and progress.

Our landscapes, waterways and oceans are full of rubbish – rubbish that hasn’t been dealt with properly, and rubbish that didn’t need to be produced or used in the first place. By changing our behaviours we will make a real difference for our environment, and for our animals and plants.

Through Waste Warriors, kids are encouraged to do the following actions:

  1. Pick up litter in their community.
  2. Refuse unnecessary items.
  3. Reduce their use of single-use plastics.
  4. Reuse as many items as they can.
  5. Rehome items they no longer need or want.
  6. Manage their waste well by recycling and composting, and to encourage others to as well.

Kids show their progress in forming better waste habits by getting their actions signed or marked off in their special Waste Warrior Work Booklet by an adult or another kid.

Every kid who completes their workbook will be able to get a certificate from their school/community group/family to recognise their efforts and growth.