An Audacious Plan to Rewild Every City on Earth

Written by Steve Mushin

Developed over seven years, Ultrawild is an optimistic book about creative thinking, science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and the potential for massive change. Filled with laugh-out-loud design-ridiculousness, it aims to empower and excite a new generation of designers, scientists, engineers and ultra-wild thinkers.

Ultrawild has been created in collaboration with experts ranging from climate scientists and marine biologists to mechanical engineers and soil scientists. The book contains over 100 ludicrous sounding, scientifically possible inventions illustrated with over 1000 drawings. It’s packed with curious facts on everything from how plants and fungi share resources and the soil engineering power of megafauna, to insect and mechanical flight, high-tech microbe-powered toilets and the carbon-sequestering power of algae.

We highly recommend this inspiring and detailed hard cover book, which will become a treasured resource for your classroom.

Click on the link above to visit the website, which includes a link to Book Hub NZ where you can find local bookstores who stock the book.

About the Author

Steve Mushin is an industrial designer, illustrator and inventor working in Australia and New Zealand. His comedic science-focused drawings and models, writing, design projects and workshops explore interactions between human-made machines and natural ecosystems.