Te Au | The Current

Te Au | The Current
Add your voice to The Current and help solve New Zealand’s toughest nature challenges.

One of Te Papa’s goals is to be a forum for the nation and to hold important conversations. Te Au | The Current opened in May 2019 as an interactive digital experience within the Te Taiao Nature exhibition and asks you to add your voice to the discussion.

It presents diverse perspectives from Te Papa visitors and illustrates how participation can create change.

Click on the link above to find out more about how you can engage with this interactive tool and use the open source data for learning.

Main Image: Screenshot of Te Au | The Current from Te Papa blog for this question:

Past emissions have locked in climate change. Our actions today to manage the risks will have a positive impact on our future. (Ministry for the Environment)

We should spend more on funding climate change resilience, and less on public services like education, defence, or health. How do you feel about this idea?