Take Action for Water

Take Action for Water
Take Action empowers young people to become environmental role models.

Developed by educators at Greater Wellington Regional Council, this inquiry unit is available for teachers to download and use with students in Years 5 - 8.

Take Action for Water focuses on water catchments and the ecosystems they contain especially freshwater stream ecosystems and water pollution. It investigates the relationships between the living parts of the ecosystem and the impact we have on it. It shows how we can act to reduce our impacts and help to restore the processes and functions of these ecosystems.

Resources include:

  • Unit plan overview with curriculum links (NZC)
  • Printable posters, worksheets and photo cards
  • Stream health assessment and field trip guidance

Click on the link above to visit the website and explore the resources now.

If you need support to investigate and take action for your local awa or stream, there are many organisations who provide expertise and programmes for schools. We encourage you to search in our Providers catalogue, using the Region or Waimāori | Freshwater filters to narrow your search.