Sea Creatures of Aotearoa

Sea Creatures of Aotearoa
Inspire a love for ocean animals in your learning spaces

The theme for Seaweek 2024 is Celebrating Sea Creatures of Aotearoa, and the team behind this national event have created some fantastic resources to support learning in the classroom and at home.

Resources include the Celebrating Sea Creatures poster (available for purchase from Warehouse Stationery at a discounted price) and the free online and printable 'Conversations with Sea Creatures' series - a collection of first-person interviews with the critters featured on the poster.

Click on the button above to visit the website with links to all of the resources and check back as more are released over Feb - March 2024.

About the Resources

Through the Sea Creatures poster and associated content, we aim to highlight New Zealand's unique marine species, their importance in the ecosystem and the integral role of the ocean in all our lives.

Why Celebrate Sea Creatures?

This year's theme was chosen to inspire curiosity about the weird, wonderful and fragile marine life in our big blue backyard. This colourful A1 poster features twenty of Aotearoa's native sea creatures and six popular ways that kiwis explore and experience our coastal seas. Some of the featured species are endangered, others have incredible conservation success stories and they all have very interesting lives which we still have lots to learn about. Illustrated by Giselle Clarkson for Seaweek, this resource is designed to engage everyone in learning about the sea.

About the Artist

Illustrator Giselle Clarkson, has published children's books, educational resources, commercial projects and more. To see more of Giselle's work visit her website: