Save the Kiwi

Save the Kiwi
Save the Kiwi is on a mission to save our national icon.

The link provided above will take you to the 'About Kiwi' section of their website, where ākonga can read interesting facts and find information about our five species of kiwi.

You can also explore other information on the website, including how to help, news and events and more information about this important national project.

About the Project

It’s unthinkable that kiwi should be allowed to disappear and that we could lose connection with this taonga. By looking after the kiwi, we find that it is actually the kiwi that is looking after us. Saving kiwi brings communities together, creates meaningful employment, and helps restore native forests where many other native species also live. It brings us back to the ngahere to spend time in the natural world away from the modern pressures of life.