Our Climate, Our Biodiversity, Our Future

Our Climate, Our Biodiversity, Our Future
Explore recent environmental data and stories from Aotearoa

This resource listing is for the Science Learning Hub (SLH) article: Utilising Our Climate, Our Biodiversity, Our Future which you can access by clicking on the link on the left. The educators at SLH have worked closely with the Ministry for the Environment to unpack this important work, and provide an overview and resources for teachers and learners.

Stories explored within the interactive include glacier loss, predators, mahinga kai, freshwater, ocean acidification, extreme weather, pressures on indigenous knowledge and actions to protect biodiversity.

Click on the link above to visit the Science Learning Hub website and explore the resources, or use the links below to go straight to the publications.

Our climate, our biodiversity, our future is an interactive storymap that uses a collection of stories arranged to show the interconnectedness of ki uta ki tai – mountains to the sea, which illustrates how the climate is changing, how it impacts our indigenous biodiversity and what is being done to help.

The storymap was created by the Ministry for the Environment as an interactive product that allows users to explore data from the environmental report Our atmosphere and climate 2023.