NZ Nature Heroes

NZ Nature Heroes
A handbook that aims to inspire kids to become empowered and involved in protecting our environment.

New Zealand Nature Heroes is designed to inspire and empower New Zealand kids to be naturalists and conservationists.  Aimed at the 8-14 age range, the book features stories of 15 different nature heroes, people, who, in the past, or currently, are working to protect and understand New Zealand’s natural world.  

These inspirational profiles are complemented with information about key animals, plants or habitats, and then each matched with an authentic activity that kids can do to make a difference.  The aim of the book is to encourage our children to become citizen scientists, who are engaged with our local environment.

Topics and activities covered include:

Native birds - tracking predators, bird counts, sugar-feeders, protecting nesting seabirds

Marine life - rocky shore survey, reporting orca sightings, beach clean ups and litter monitoring

Native insects and reptiles - make a wētā hotel, plant a lizard garden

Streams and stormwater - restoration, preventing pollution

Native trees and weed plants - make native seed bombs, weed-busting

Rangatahi - youth nature heroes with examples of student action in schools and the wider community

Click on the link above to go to the publisher's website with all the details about this book. You can buy copies at all major bookstores and remember that teachers usually receive a discount on books if you remember to ask!

About the Author

Gillian is an award-winning children's author who lives in Pukerua Bay, Porirua. With a background in teaching and writing educational material, including the School Journals and Connected series, Gillian has written 11 books including the popular 'Explore and Discover' series, with titles such as At The Beach and In The Garden.

Visit Gillian's website to find out more about her books, conservation work and stories about her visits and workshops in schools and early childhood centres.

Schools can book a session with Gillian, who is part of the Writers in Schools programme, and she also takes part in literary festivals and events for book week. More information and booking details can be found on her website here.