NZ Bug of the Year Resources

NZ Bug of the Year Resources
Aotearoa is home to over 20,000 species of insects and spiders – and there are still more that need to be discovered!

The Entomological Society of New Zealand wants to make sure YOU have the tools to discover the insects and spiders that are living all around you.

There are 24 nominees vying for NZ Bug of the Year. Learn more about the nominees by visiting the official webpage (link above) and clicking on the photos of each insect, or by going to the Project Page to find more information and images of each of the nominees.

Voting opens 14 Nov 2022 and closes on 13 Feb 2023, with the winner announced 14 Feb.

Younger students will enjoy the photos and colouring page templates, while older students have the opportunity to engage with citizen science using iNaturalist to identify insects in their local area.

Maybe your class will decide to campaign for one insect and produce creative content to share on social media?