Marine Metre Squared

Marine Metre Squared
Marine Metre Squared (Mm2) is an easy way for anyone in Aotearoa to survey the plants and animals living on their local seashore.

All you need to do is mark out a 1 metre x 1 metre patch, count the animals and plants you find there, record them on a data sheet and upload the information to the Mm2 database. You will be able to compare what is on your shore with other areas, monitor how things change over time, learn lots and have fun along the way.

On the Mm2 website you will find everything you need to get started - instruction sheets, videos, ID guides, data sheets and much more.

Resources are linked to a range of curriculum areas, with a strong focus on Science, Maths and Technology, and the seashore ID guides include versions in te reo Māori.

Primary school resources include great options for younger students, such as the Magic Marine Window.

Secondary school resources are linked to senior Biology Achievement Standards.