Marine Invaders | Ngā Kaiurutomo Moana

Marine Invaders | Ngā Kaiurutomo Moana
Help to preserve our oceans for generations ahead

Explore marine life, tackle invasive species, and become a guardian of your moana. Fun learning that makes a difference—play now for a sea of knowledge and conservation excitement.

The Marine Invaders card game is aimed at people 10 years and over and takes about 15 minutes to play. It has been user-tested in classrooms, with great feedback from both primary and secondary teachers and students.

Click on the link above to visit the website where you can purchase the English and te reo Māori versions of this fun new card game.

More About the Game

Marine Invaders was created by Elizabeth Copeland (University of Waikato), with graphic design by Marika Obst.

Join the fun to protect New Zealand's taonga species in a game about native vs invasives, biodiversity, climate change and the influence of humans on our environment

Our dream is to stop invasive species spreading across New Zealand and this can only be done with the support of the community. We want to empower the swimmers, boaties, divers, beach walkers, fisher people and water crafters to look around and learn about the moana. After all they are the every day scientists!

We designed a game to help ocean enthusiasts dive deeper into species identification, and to highlight the impact of invasive species, but also to highlight how we can support native species to thrive.