Healthy Streams, Healthy Harbours

Healthy Streams, Healthy Harbours
Wai Care - Together for healthy waterways

Wai Care is a water quality monitoring, education and action programme for community groups, individuals, businesses and schools across the Auckland region.

'Healthy Streams, Healthy Harbours' is a resource aimed at primary students and is designed to support teaching and learning about stormwater, streams and human impacts on urban waterways, coasts and harbours. An integrated inquiry learning process guides teachers and students through steps designed to delve deeply into investigating water in the environment, water issues and how we can take action to improve water quality.

Click on the link above to visit the Wai Care website, where you can scroll down to the 'Primary Resources' section and download the inquiry plan, along with posters and other resources.

Wai Care also produces resources aimed at Secondary students and the wider community, so we encourage you to explore their website and get in touch with local environmental educators who can offer support.