Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project

Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project
Join scientists to investigate what lives on your local shore of Tikapa Moana | Hauraki Gulf.

This citizen science project is now in its fourth year and offers hands-on experience collecting and analysing scientific data to help us understand what is happening in Tikapa Moana.

In 2022 the NZ Marine Studies Centre ran guided sessions to engage schools in simple methods to survey your local shoreline.

Marine Metre Squared is a tool that can be used to study environmental change over time. By recording the number and types of marine species found within a 1m2 quadrat we can learn about biodiversity, geographic distribution and how that changes seasonally and in response to human activity.

Resources and Stories

The link above takes you to the main Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project website, where you will find a range of education resources and a link to read more in the Community Stories section. There are interesting photos, facts and examples of cool things students and researchers have found on the beaches of Tikapa Moana and other shorelines around Aotearoa.

Schools: How to Participate

This programme ran during 2022 and was open to upper primary and secondary schools. For information and updates about the programme email: teresa.morrell@otago.ac.nz