Create a Lizard Garden

Create a Lizard Garden
Create safe places for our precious mokomoko | lizards by planting natives.

Kaiako can use these resources to support ākonga during their inquiries about reptiles in Aotearoa, and encourage them to plan and create lizard-friendly gardens at school or in their home gardens.

This listing includes three resources, which you can view by clicking on the bold text below:

Zealandia | Te Māra a Tāne have created this Lizard Garden Project Plan booklet, along with a Teacher Guide. This project will empower students to take positive action, by guiding them through the research, planning and creation of a garden that suits your local environment.

Predator Free NZ worked alongside the Department of Conservation (DOC) to create this printable one-page summary 'Create a Lizard Friendly Garden' which can be used by teachers or parents, with beautiful illustrations by Phoebe Morris.

The Department of Conservation also have lots of useful information on their website, including how to attract lizards to your garden, and specific information for gardens in Waitaha - Canterbury and the Lower North Island.