Birdsong Mindfulness

Birdsong Mindfulness

The Department of Conservation (DOC) and Sparklers have collaborated to produce this nature and wellbeing resource.

The short videos can be used either with or without the visual component. Some design and subtle movement is used in the clips, which you could use if you know this might help your tamariki listen, focus and relax.

There are many ways you can use these recordings, but these are some suggested options:

Ask tamariki to just be still and listen to the recording. You may choose to do this individually, over zoom or as a class.

  • You might use tummy breathing while they listen
  • You might kōrero about what it reminds them of - where, when, what time of day, what can they smell, who are they with?
  • Can you feel a poem or piece of writing coming - us too!
  • You might also like to research the bird… why is this so memorable for us? What if it’s new - what are your thoughts - how big is this bird? Does it fly? What does it eat? Where would I go to see it?

Click on the link above to visit the Sparklers website and watch the videos.