At The Beach and Under The Ocean

At The Beach and Under The Ocean
At the beach book cover
At the Beach is a delightful introduction to the natural history of the New Zealand seashore.

The stage is set with beautiful, factually correct illustrations (including detailed cross-sections) of three familiar habitats—the sandy beach, rockpools and mudflats. Many of the plants and animals that play a part in these rich ecosystems are shown in situ, and readers are directed from there to pages dedicated to detailed coverage of:

  • crabs
  • sea stars, kina and sea anemones
  • shellfish
  • seaweeds, sponges and sandhoppers
  • fish, jellyfish & shrimps
  • birds

Aimed at children 5–8 years old, but with appeal for anyone curious about New Zealand’s natural environment, At the Beach is a must for the home, bach, classroom and library.

This best-selling book was a finalist in the NZ Post Children's Book Awards and won the Elsie Locke Medal for non-fiction in 2013.

Under the ocen book cover

Under the Ocean introduces young children to the creatures that live in the seas around New Zealand.

The book describes different habitats:

  • underwater reefs
  • sea floor
  • open ocean
  • deep ocean.

Animals featured in the fact pages include octopus and squid, sharks and rays, whales, dolphins, penguins and many others.

Under the Ocean was written as a follow-up to At the Beach and in response to children’s requests to have a book that included sea creatures such as sharks, octopus and giant squid.

Although children can’t explore the sea first hand in the way they can explore a garden or the beach, they are fascinated by the amazing creatures that live in the ocean.

The link above will take you to the publisher's website with full details about both of these books, along with Gillian's other children's books. You can buy copies at all major bookstores and remember that teachers usually receive a discount on books if you remember to ask!

About the Author

Gillian is an award-winning children's author who lives in Pukerua Bay, Porirua. With a background in teaching and writing educational material, including the School Journals and Connected series, Gillian has written 11 books including the popular 'Explore and Discover' series, with titles such as In The Garden and Up the River.

Visit Gillian's website to find out more about her books, conservation work and stories about her visits and workshops in schools and early childhood centres.

Schools can book a session with Gillian, who is part of the Writers in Schools programme, and she also takes part in literary festivals and events for book week. More information and booking details can be found on her website here.