Happenings at our AGM, April 2023

Happenings at our AGM, April 2023

We are always mindful to keep the needs of ākonga (and their children's children) at the heart of our mahi, so invited rangatahi Kate Laughter and Tilly King to open the AGM with a discussion about how they see the world, and how we can best help them.

"We all need to stick together, listen to each other, and offer support." Kate Laughter
"Connection - to nature and to community is important. We all have to work together on this." Tilly King

The full recording is below and serves as a challenge to everyone working in the sector.

We also shared the Annual Review, which had been prepared to follow the format of the government document Mātauranga Whakauka Taiao, Environmental Education for Sustainability Strategy and Action plan, 2017-2021 to report on progress made in the sector during that time.

And individuals were nominated for the National Executive. As well as some previous members continuing on, we are pleased to welcome Kim Tabrum (from Wellington's Sustainability Trust) onto the Executive. Your National Executive for 2023 is:

  • Sally Birdsall
  • Chris Eames
  • Kim Tabrum
  • Elspeth McMillan
  • Annie McDonald
  • Nettie Stow
  • Sian Crowley
  • Robyn Zink