Based on the west coast of Te Ika-a-Māui, a coastal and mountainous region with beautiful landscape dominated by Mount Taranaki. We are a collaborative group that is focused on environmental and sustainability education in the widest context of the community.

We are committed to working together to share the full extent of environmental education for the benefit of the whole community, and creating opportunities to make connections and encourage conversations and collaborations.

Who we are

Collaborating partners include representatives from councils, government agencies, environmental education providers, community organisers and teachers/educators.

We encourage anyone interested to join our working group, currently made up of representatives from:

What we do

We are constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate and find the most suitable programme for everyone to enhance their learning journey. Our main objective is to establish a strong connection and understanding of each other's work.

By 2024, our goal is to inform educators about the environmental education opportunities available to them. We will collaborate through networking to share information about events, opportunities, and learning centre experiences.

Check out the event info for Green Drinks below for an opportunity to share and network.

Green drinks

New Plymouth Green Drinks is a bi-monthly event for socialising and networking with people interested in sustainability and environmental matters. We encourage as many educators to come along too. It's a chance to gather, meet and find out a bit more about the great work that is happening.

Taranaki educators

Check out this list of environmental educators who are working in Taranaki. Each listing has contact details, with more info provided for those who are NZAEE members.

‍Get in touch

Please email the address on the left hand side if you want to know more, have an event you would like to share, or a suggestion for a topic or focus for an event.