NZAEE 2012

NZAEE Conference 2012

NZAEE 6 th Biennial Conference, January 2012, Hamilton

The following presentations given at the conference were provided by the speakers for this website. They are listed by first author’s name on the presentation title as listed in the programme shown here.

Keynote presentations

Les Robinson, Innovation for the Rest of Us (PDF) Rod Oram, Steer Don’t Drift (PDF)

Delegate presentations

Adam Buckingham, Turning Trash into Treasure for Young Children (PPT) Alan Warner, Opportunities for Peer Education and Youth Leadership in Sustainability Education (PPTx) Barbara Arnold, Te Awa (PDF) Chris Eames, Becoming green? The durable impact of environmental education experiences on young New Zealanders (PDF) Clare Feeney, The partnership principle (PDF) Conrad Remenyi, Education for Sustainability (EfS) Guidelines (PDF) Coral Pepper, Directing the Centre for Sustainable Regional Futures (PDF) Cynthia Prince, Lighting the way: Advances in sustainable practices in early childhood centres Dave Irwin, Constructing a sustainability identity through tertiary outdoor education in Aotearoa NZ (PDF) David Fellows, A view from the other side, Signs of new growth (PDF) David Jacobs, Growing a generation of sustainability storytellers (PDF) Emel Okur, Outdoor Experiential Learning in Turkey: An evaluation of an intervention with in-service teachers (PDF) Faye Wilson-Hill, Better Understanding Action Competence and the New Zealand Curriculum in Enviroschools (PDF) Gael Ogilvie, Tread Lightly Caravan ? Lessons learnt from Auckland’s first mobile environmental classroom (PDF) Glynne Mackey, Anthropocentric to Ecocentric: From object lesson to education for sustainability (PDF) Hilary Whitehouse, Educating for Climate Change Adaptation: Exploring what this might mean (PDF) Janette Kelly, Digging deeper into the philosophies of nature in ECE (PDF) Jenny Neilson, Enviroschools: Let the Children Lead the Way (PDF) Jenny Ritchie, Titiro Whakamuri, Hoki Whakamua (PDF) Julie Clifton, Effective Partnerships (PDF) Kerry Shephard, Exploring the impact of higher education experiences on the sustainability attributes of students (PDF) Kulyarat Tasamee, Improving the environment of a Thai basin through education initiatives (PDF) Lisabeth Ferrarelli, Creating a culture of sustainability at explorers early learning centre: preliminary actions (PDF) Lyn Mayes, Public private partnerships deliver most sustainable results (PDF) Lynley Tulloch, The making and remaking of sustainability (PDF) Matt Morris, Building Bridges: UC’s Eco Bridging Programme (PDF) Michael Morris, Vegan education – an environmental issue (PDF) Miles Barker, “What made you green?”: Some older Kiwis’ reflections (PDF)

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