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Friday 6 November 2020

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National Executive Meeting 02 October 2020

Strategic Planning
The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the outcomes of the Strategic Planning meeting that was held on 17 September and the report furnished by the facilitator Billy Matheson.

There was a consensus that maintaining the way our Association is going is not an option. Now is the time for change. Firstly, we decided that we wanted to ‘step up’ our Association. Conditional to this stepping up is having a leader to facilitate our way through the process, having people involved in this process with the energy to drive it. We decided that we needed to commit time each week to this process and decided on an initial six month commitment. Everyone made a commitment of about 3 hours per week to the process.

An action plan now needs to be written by a small group. Morag, Gill and Robyn committed to be part of this group. If you want to be part, please contact Morag. Sally emailed Chris Montgomerie to report on progress and she is now waiting for this action plan.

TRCC Application
Sally reported that our proposal was not accepted. However, the TRCC has put it forward to the Ministry of Education recommending that it be run and requesting more funding to be able to do this. The TRCC are waiting to hear back from the Ministry.

National Executive Meeting 04 September 2020 

Definition of ‘Control’

There are new reporting standards with a new concept called ‘Control’ which has implications for financial responsibility. The National body and the Branches might need to consolidate their financial information. We need to clarify what this means and decide whether the National Body and its branches meet the definition of control.

Strategic Meeting

This is going ahead on 17 September. Billy Matheson will be facilitating the day. The contingency plan is a Zoom meeting.

Otago Regional Centre for Expertise in Sustainability

Robyn reported that this Centre has now opened in Otago to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Barry Law has led it and Robyn is involved with SDG 4 Education.

EEfS in Otautahi (Jocelyn)

The Canterbury Branch are wanting to support and fund EEfS providers and are wondering how the finances could be managed. A discussion point for the Strategic Meeting.

EE Conferences Survey

We have been approached by a group of EE researchers to ask to distribute a survey. It was agreed that Debbie would disseminate it to members.

SDG Report (Annie)

Annie will let us know dates for hui that will lead up the UN SDG Seminar next year. If anyone knows names of ‘rockstar provocateurs’, please send their names to Annie.

GEEP (Anita)

Anita will send information about the GEEP Case Studies to committee members so that perhaps we could have a New Zealand case study or two up on this website. See https://thegeep.org/learn

North American Association for Environmental Education Virtual Conference
Chris and Sally are presenting at this conference. There was interest in having a webinar where Chris and Sally could do their presentations for a New Zealand audience. Perhaps this is a type of event that NZAEE could champion (something for discussion at the Strategic Meeting).

National Executive Meeting 07 August 2020

Making quick decisions

There are occasions when we need to make a quick decision and it would take too long to consult everyone on the National Exec. We agreed that at least two of the following officers could make such a decision – the two Co-chairs and the Treasurer – when time does not allow for full consultation.

Strategic Planning Update

It was agreed to hold an in-person meeting at the Treehouse in Wellington’s Botanic Gardens on 17 September 10am-4pm. Billy has sent back a collation of the responses and comments to the responses to the Ten Provocation questions that the National Exec and others provided. This collation will form the basis of discussion at our meeting in the designing of our new Strategic Plan.

TRCC application

The National Exec is preparing a bid to gain funding from the TRCC for a teacher professional development and learning day next year. It is planned to run this day concurrently at 3 centres around New Zealand (north, central and south) with online keynote speakers and local teachers sharing their expertise. The bid is due on 01 September.

Annual Review

People in the National Exec are organising their contributions to the 2019-2020 Annual Review. Any photos would be gratefully accepted.

Seaweek and the Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project

MERC, in association with NZAEE and the NZ Marine Studies Centre in Otago have prepared an application for funding from Foundation North for 2021-23.

NZAEE Branch Money

A question was asked about the spending of branch funding. These funds come from annual capitation (30% of members’ annual subscriptions) and any other money raised by the branch. It was noted that there is currently no direction in the NZAEE Branch Guidelines and this omission needs updating. Typically, branch funds have been used to hold local events, such as professional learning and development events or Green Drinks. Some branches have used their money to support youth to attend an annual conference.

National Executive Meeting 03 July 2020

Bank Signatories – Sally

We had been investigating adding Sally to the list of signatories to our bank account. Sally investigated the process and found it is was very involved with a current signatory having to go to a branch with Sally to get her registered. So we decided to stay with the current situation of having 3 signatories.

Life Memberships – Morag and Elspeth

Morag and Elspeth tabled a request to nominate a member of each of their branches for life membership because of their contributions to NZAEE. We decided to delay a decision until we have finalised our strategy and thought of ways to boost our membership. Otherwise we might end up with too many lifetime members. We currently have six.

Website – Annie

Annie wanted to know who was responsible for updating our website. Anita has very recently been able to access the website and make changes. We agreed that our website needed work. Anita and Gill are going to review it and develop an improvement plan. Sally would like to see it showcasing current New Zealand research to keep our community informed.

Annual Review – Sally

It is time to organise the next Annual Review covering the period 01 July 2019 to 30 June 2020. Sally is going to develop a table of contents with who is responsible for what with the aim of it being completed by the end of August.

Strategic Plan – Everyone

Billy has collated the responses from the National Executive in the first stage of developing a strategic plan. The National Executive will respond/comment to these ideas by 16 July. Chris is going to negotiate a day/time for a face to face meeting with Billy Matheson to progress this work. Sally is going to email Chris Montgomerie to keep her up to date so she can join us at the face to face meeting.

Seaweek Review and Next Steps – Pam

Pam and Sally (NZAEE), Yuin and Sara (MERC), Sally Carson and Aless (NZMSC) met to discuss the future of Seaweek and the Hauraki Gulf Monitoring Project. Both MERC and NZMSC want NZAEE to continue working with them in the role of holding the projects together/working alongside these two organisations as an umbrella. MERC is going to apply to Foundation North for funding but under the NZAEE name. Pam will be part of the process.

TRCC Invitation – Sally

The TRCC has sent information about running teacher learning and development courses. In the past NZAEE has run such a course. Sally is going to investigate and report back about what is involved. We could lead a course about climate change or biodiversity loss.

NZSDG Summit Stakeholder Group – Sally

This group is holding a series of online monthly meetings leading to a summit in 2021. Allen Hill has invited NZAEE to send a representative from NZAEE to be part of the organisation of these events. Sally to circulate the invitation to the National Executive to see who would be interested in being part of it.