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Find the right person or provider to bring new perspectives, expertise and community connections to your learning programme.

NZAEE’s mission is to connect and inspire educators, ākonga and communities to learn, collaborate and take action for Papatūānuku.

Inspiration for 2023

Explore ideas for using te taiao | nature as your classroom.

Are you looking for short, inspirational videos to incorporate into your teacher-only days or to help inform your planning for next year?

Our most recent Spotlight includes stories from educators working at all levels: early childhood, primary and secondary, with a focus on connecting ākonga with nature and local places. These recordings from our recent national conference offer new and relevant content to support your professional learning and practice.

Amazing opportunities for integrated learning and community connection

We have resources for educators to provide inspiration, links to programmes, providers and specialists, and can connect you with national and local groups and events for support and training.

Featured Spotlights

Inspiration for 2023: Learning with Te Taiao | Nature

As you plan for next year, watch these short and engaging videos from early childhood, primary and secondary teachers, sharing stories and advice to connect ākonga with nature and place.

Active Travel Action Improves Safety and Environment

Collaboration between Enviroschools, teachers, students and local government in Porirua has produced multiple benefits for ākonga, community and the environment.

Connecting to Place, Mātauranga Māori and Histories

Engage with stories, resources and educators who can support the development of your local curriculum | marautanga, with a focus on connection and care for te taiao.

Kōanga | Spring Inspiration

Notice the signs of spring, sow seeds for bees and protect nesting birds, using this collection of resources, events and programmes that support seasonal learning in kōanga.

Matariki, Environment and Wellbeing

We have gathered resources and articles that support celebration and learning about Matariki, with links to our natural environment and wellbeing.

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